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What is Vivah Invitation
Vivah is an Videos/Cards Invitation making company, We make all kinds of invitation videos(Wedding,Anniversary,Birthday, Engagement,Pooja Invitation,Baby Ritual),that you can share easily to all your relatives and friends.
Why Vivah Invitation ?
Vivah Invitation is the latest trend among the people as it lets you invite a maximum number of guests in an easy,cost effective and delightful way.
How can i make my video ?
The order placement process is easier than you could imagine !
1.Choose a video appearing on our website and select it.
2.Fill the details as given on the form before click on “ADD TO CART” button.A form will appear to you,asking details about your program/event,for example(Bride/Groom name,His/Her Father/Mother name,date of birth of the event,time,venue,picture,song(if any),etc.
3.Then click the “ADD TO CART” button on the product and home page also.
How much time does it take to get the video ?
It usually takes 24 hours for us to deliver the video.
Can i apply for making changes even after the purchase ?
Yes, you can make changes for the edit before/after the purchasing.Depending on the type of customization they maybe chargeable or free
How can i make the payment ?
We currently accept payments using UPI/payment gateway(Online Payment).
I still have some Questions ?
You can always contact us at support info@vivahinvitation.com or 8920365760
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